If 2020 was a dumpster fire, 2021 is an abandoned nuclear reactor

My word of the year for 2021 is Fun.

When I look forward to what this year has in store for me, I anticipate much of the same of what 2020 brought me — stressors from fertility to finances, challenges both personal and professional, hardships both pandemic and political. I don’t believe that the clock striking midnight means immediate change, or an automatic reset. The things that made the past year unilaterally difficult, still exist.

So why Fun? In the midst of what I know will be ongoing challenges, I want to find the joy, the celebration, the pleasure... the FUN. I set my intention now to exist in a heightened state of enjoyment, regardless of circumstances. I pledge to find the fun even in the lowest moments. I vow to let myself enjoy what is good, and to make good what is hard.🎈2021: if it’s not fun, we’re not doing it!

One of the intentions I set for myself in late 2020 was “recommit to my hotness.”

I know that’s a weird way of putting it, but that phrasing resonated with me. One thing that isolation took away from me was the enjoyment of my body. I stopped dressing up, stopped playing with hair and makeup, stopped experimenting with my look. I slipped into sweatpants and stayed there. Something that I had previously delighted in, vanished. While I don’t believe that you have to look good to have value, I do find that when I’m enjoying decorating my body, I am enjoying life more.

Look good, feel good, you might say. So, in recommitting to my hotness, I’m affirming to myself that yeah, I look hot, this is fun, and my body is for me to enjoy. What I mean to say is this: wearing this dress I rented from Nuuly and taking photos near this never-used nuclear power plant brought me a ton of joy and made me feel good. More of that in 2021, please.

While I haven't made formal resolutions or set any goals, here are a few things, besides having fun and being hot, from both business and life that I'd love to see happen in 2021.

1. Get vaccinated.
2. See my sisters and parents and nieces and in-laws.
3. Have a big brand photoshoot with at least ten women in a rainbow of velvets.
4. Expand our size range to XXS-10X, and introduce new "custom" sizes to the range.
5. Listen to more books.
6. Improve the fit of the high rise undies, especially for sizes 3X and up.
7. Get knocked up by science.
8. Find a workout I enjoy.
9. Steady the business ship and don't rock the boat!
10. Be a better ally to marginalized groups, and represent myself better as a member of the queer community.

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