Hey Mavens! Studio Reveal

I'm excited to take you inside my studio today! When we bought our home, I put in the offer (and it was accepted!) while Alex was out of town. I had always envisioned that this space would be Alex's office/recording studio space. But when he saw the home for the first time -- yes, after we had already bought it! -- he decided he'd like an upstairs workspace off our kitchen, and that this basement build-out off our garage would be perfect for me. I didn't fight him on it.

This space is an obvious after-thought to the overall design of the home. My guess is that it was built out of a raw space in the '00s. It had laminate floors, a drop ceiling, a boring blue shade, lots of weird bump-outs, and a door that lead to a "kill room" of epic creepy proportions. I'm grateful for the addition of a powder room, floor-to-ceiling windows, and plenty of outlets. All this space really needed was a dose of my personality and that's exactly what I did!

When I set out to makeover this space, I knew the first thing that had to go was the drop ceiling. I think it's heinous, and I'd rather look at pretty much anything else than this office-cubicle evoking material. When Alex was away on one of his business trips, I took it upon myself to pull it down. I didn't get very far before I exhausted myself, and spotting a scary looking live wire. Alex wasn't too pleased when he saw this scene, but he did help me finish pulling down the mess, and by installing a sputnik inspired light fixture as a way of capping off the exposed wire. I actually love this raw ceiling! I think it looks very anthropologie and industrial chic. It also gained me about eighteen extra inches of headroom, and makes the space feel so much lighter!

I also knew I wanted a fun paint job to go with the banana bathroom, which I had already updated. I had contemplated painting boobs on the walls, but ended up option for fried eggs, which, incidentally, is what my mom always called boobs when we were growing up. My thinking behind this was that there would be less of a chance of me having to paint over eggs when trying to resell the house. Probably will have to paint them over anyway, but they make me feel so happy!

Another favorite feature of this studio makeover was the addition of the counter-height desk along the back wall. This room had odd block-like bump-outs that served no purpose and looked super weird. Alex used them as the basis for the desk he built in for me. I use half of it as an office desk for my computer, label printer, and notebooks, and the other end stores my elastics and creates a perfect elastic-cutting station.

A comfortable couch for Bucket, a row of sewing machines, and a healthy sized cutting table crated from two saw horses and a large piece of laminated MDF, round out this creative space. It's not perfect, but it's perfect for me!! 

Let me know what you think! Would you ever paint bananas or eggs on your walls? Do you havbe a dedicated creative space in your home? I'd love to hear about it. Thanks for reading.

Alllllll the links:

Singer Sewing Machine -- total workhorse and super fast!
Brother Serger -- great price for a serger, works like a charm!
Sewing Machine Tables -- the drawers are great for storing notions
Saw Horses -- use for legs of the cutting table
Gold Towel Bar -- used to hang patterns from


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