Rose Chai Latte

My friend Kimber lives in New Jersey, and goes to this awesome-looking place called Hidden Grounds, which serves this delicious-looking Rose Chai Latte. I've never tasted it, but it looked so mouth-watering, I set out to recreate it at home. I have no idea if what I've created even comes close to what the original is, but I can't stop drinking it, so I thought I'd share.

1 cup Rose Petals (these ones from amazon work great!)
1 gallon water
Chai concentrate (I use the bottled kind from Trader Joe's)
Coconut creamer -- or whatever kind of milk/nut-milk you like!

1. Steep the rose petals in cold water in the fridge over night, or for at least three hours. (You could use a cheesecloth or nutbag to soak them, but I have this cold brew maker that works awesome for making everything from cold brewed coffee, sun tea, thai iced tea, and floral infusions!) When the water has become infused with the rose petals, discard the flowers and retain the water.

2. Fill a tall glass halfway with crushed ice. Add 1/2 cup rose water, and 1/4 cup chai concentrate and dilute with water to taste (I like my chai spicy, so I hardly dilute the concentrate at all.)

3. Top off with a splash of creamer, and some dried rose petals if you're fancy.

Enjoy!! I'm going to try to make a hot version of this drink in the winter months, so stay tuned for that. Let me know if you make it!!

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