Emerald Isle | Ireland Day 2: Kilkenny to Killarney

About a month ago, Alex and I decided to book a trip to Ireland. It has been on our list for years, and when a two-week window opened in his work and travel schedule, we bit the bullet, drained our frequent flyer miles, and picked out a string of unique and luxury hotels for a six night jaunt on the Emerald Isle.

For a while, there bad been a lot of discussion about when to take a trip. My fear was that if we booked something too far out, I might be pregnant, barring me from travel. It's a weird form of hope -- imagining cancelling a trip because by the time it rolled around, I'd be with child, or to plan to not be trying, so I won't feel the anxiety of being away from my home and my doctor during such a critical time. You can see how maddening of a cycle this can become. 

So that why, when a trip was made possible within the same month of booking it, I absolutely jumped at the chance. It was an opportunity not only to go on vacation, but to take a break from the counting, the testing, the scheduling, the apps, the waiting. So, anyway, off to Ireland we went. And, it was fucking epic.

I'll share some outfits and thoughts about the trip in a series of posts, for for now, I'll say this: taking time to do something just for fun, just for us as a couple, was honestly transformative. It seems trite -- especially coming from someone who works in the treat-yourself/self-love/self-care space -- but taking time away from work and fertility stress was, well, in a word: necessary.

He were are on what turned out to be our only gloomy day, at the Rock of Cashel.

Where we stayed: Kilkenny Inn -- it was cozy and convenient to town, but nothing fancy!
What we drove: Ring of Kerry
Where we stopped:

  • Rock of Cashel
  • Kinsale -- Lunch at Dino's Cafe, and Tea for take away at Poet's Corner
  • Kenmare -- such a cute and colorful town, got more tea at a little ice cream place


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