Like A Rainbow

Nothing like a bright, beautiful rainbow to put you in a positive mood, am I right? That's why I asked my friend/amaze hair stylist Mallory to semi-perminently install a rainbow on the back of my head. And when Daisy Faye Designs sent me this rainbow skinny scarf to try ahead of the release, I knew it was a match made in heaven! I mean, how cute is this look? It's just so fun!!

To complete this outfit, I decided to go full tilt color spectrum, so I grabbed my new favorite dress, and these rainbow-adorned keds.

To create this bow look, I simply tied the scarf into a bow shape like I would tie my laces, and treaded a bobby pin through the back, and attached it to my hair at the base of my bun.

Scarf {used as hair accessory}: Daisy Faye Designs
Dress: Target
Shoes: Keds
Cardigan: Zulily


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