Mac of the Month Club | Meeting One

Last Monday, we kicked off the new Nashville chapter of the Mac of the Month Club, a club that asks, can we eat macaroni and cheese every month?! And the answer, we hope, is yes.

I first heard about the concept of a Mac and Cheese Club from my sister, Lindsey. She belonged to a group in Philadelphia which met monthly at different restaurants to sample and rate their macaroni and cheese offerings. I love me some carbs and dairy, and I also love any excuse to hang out with friends, so I tapped Lindsey for the deets, pulled in my Nashville bestie, and all around restaurant and happenings spirit guide, Emily, to put the shebang together.

Since I'm a branding minded person who enjoys graphics, first thing on my list was making a scoring card to help evaluate our level of enjoyment. Feel free to nab the printable at the bottom of this post.

We brainstormed a list of the restaurants we'd most like to visit and came up with this ever-expanding short list: Merchants, The Sitllery, Peg Leg Porker, Publicity, Party Fowl, Mangia, Puckett's, Mile End, and Sambuca. We elected to try Peg Leg Porker first.

Here are the rules and guidelines to our local Mac of the Month Club:
1. You MUST order mac and cheese. {You may order anything in addition to the mac and cheese, but eating and rating the dish du jour -- which is always mac and cheese -- is mandatory.}
2. Reservations will be limited to groups of 8 for maximum bookability and minimum confusion. Reservations will be taken on a first come, first served basis.
3. Have fun!

Peg Leg Porker is a casual barbecue joint located The Gulch. Probably most well-known for its pulled pork, this cafeteria style restaurant boast cheap sides {only $1.95 each!}, a nice patio for when it's not raining, and super quick service. 

All four of us, of course, ordered a side of mac, but also doubled down on our sides opting for beans, potato salad, greens, and french fries. The meat eaters in the crowd also ordered some pulled pork sammies, and a basket of hot wings. Everything was delicious. I especially enjoyed my potato salad.

But we came here to discuss the mac.

Peg Leg Porker's mac and cheese side comes in a four ounce styrofoam cup, and costs just under two bucks. It's creamy, peppery, and really cheesy. Instead of elbows, Peg Leg serves their cheese with shells. Most voting members kicked their originality vote up a point or so for this twist, but to really get my attention for a unique twist, I'd wanna see some unusual ingredients. Still, for a pretty striaghtforward, classis BBQ place, this mac and cheese really hit the spot. My only criticism would be that it was a bit too "soupy" for me. I could have done with a bit less sauce, but other attendees enjoyed the extra liquid and used it for a french fry dip at the end of their meal.

All in all, our first meeting was a total hit! We stayed for long after the mac had been inhaled laughing and carrying on, and we can't wait for next month's meeting!

If you're planning on starting your own chapter, please let me know, and download our rating card to get yourselves started!


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