Fringe Benefits

Have you ever been shopping and your heart literally skips a beat? I came across this fringe jacket at the beginning of the year, and I knew I absolutely needed it, even though I had no where to go in it. It's just so me. I've always had a hard time defining my style -- when it comes down to it, I like what I like: color, fun, stretchy pants, kate spade everything, and lots of sparkle. It can't be categorized, but this lovely piece of outerwear certainly falls into it.

The one thing I do know for sure about my personal aesthetic is that I am a redhead. It wasn't always this way. I believe my first foray into gingerdom was in college and it just seemed to fit. I have really pale, fair skin, and my mom was a natural auburn-haired lady until she moved from Alaska to California and the sun bleached her hair a platinum blond... so I like to think that I carry off this fiery color. 

So when my genius hair stylist, Mallory, asked me if I wanted to kick my color up a notch, I was totally game. And check out these cute bangs she cut into my new, more layered style. I LOVE it!!

Fringe Jacket: Anthropologie
Turtleneck: Amazon
Jeans: Target
Sunglasses: kate spade


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