Introducing Hey Mavens!

The week after Christmas, I got this crazy idea: I wanted to change the name of my lingerie brand. I damn near drove my entire family crazy trying to brainstorm a new name, secure the proper URLs and social handles, and build a whole new website. It's about six weeks later, and I'm so excited to announce HEY MAVENS! It's everything you know and love about Married&Bright, only amplified.

Hey Mavens is bright, colorful, sparkly, and FUN!

When I first started Married & Bright, my naming strategy was twofold: 1, I had a blog which at the time was called Married & Bright at the time {so named as a pun on our favorite family phrase, Merry & Bright}, and 2, I truly believed I wanted to make bridal lingerie. At the time I started making lingerie, I was working as a wedding planner, and basically my whole life was all about weddings. 

The first modeled photoshoot I ever did with Married & Bright. So vastly different to what Hey Mavens has become, but still relevant for today's bridal customer.

But as time progressed, I started making lingerie that was less and less wedding specific. I was guided by my love for color, fun prints, body positivity, and powerful women. I started feeling less drawn to soft prints, white lace, and feminine styles. But I still felt beholden to my original vision, and bound to create matrimonial lingerie based on the name of my brand.

I remember thinking when I named my shop, "I'll change it as soon as I think of a better name."

I ran my business for over three years before I started feeling like it wasn't a good fit -- but no "better" name came to me. At the end of 2017, I was having a conversation with my friend and her boyfriend, when it finally started to click.

The boyfriend basically conveyed to me that he was wary of buying his girlfriend anything that had the word "married" on it. As an unmarried man, he didn't want any gift to be perceived as a hint. I also began to see how many of my current customers were single women shopping for themselves, and that I might be missing out on connecting with potential new customers who were also put off by the brand name -- thinking "this is for brides and married people. That's not me."

A shot from the 2017 Married & Bright bridal collection taken by Sparrow and Gold Photography, and a short from the 2017 Married & Bright holiday collection taken by As You Are Boudoir. You can see where the brand was starting to diverge.

So that was it. I made my decision. I needed to rebrand. But there was part of me -- a big part -- that wasn't ready to say goodbye to Married & Bright. A huge portion of that unwillingness to let go was my astonishment at the fact that I had been able to land and hold on to and the corresponding social handles. Plus, it wasn't like the name was altogether fighting against me. I had a successful business, and I didn't want to break what was actually working.

I figured the best way forward was to split my business into two parts: Married & Bright would continue on as a strictly bridal line, and Hey Mavens would embrace more deeply my quirky design sense and colorful aesthetic that I has been leaning towards, but feeling to shy to leap into full force.

Photo by Laura Quintero Photography from the most recent Hey Mavens collection: Palm Springs. 

I'm so excited to be able to focus my messaging on both of the brands. Hey Mavens won't feel watered down to appeal of elegant and classic brides, and Married & Bright won't feel like some part time wife. Being able to speak directly to my customer in separate categories aligns me for greater success and helps my customers find exactly what they're looking for.


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  1. Extremely disappointed... after purchasing an item that was sewn incorrectly, I was greeted with a message from Hey Mavens that instructed me to “try to hand sew it” to see if the defective garment would be wearable. After explaining that it would not correct the issues, I was chastised for not contacting them within three days of receipt and offered a condescending 10% discount on my next purchase. I can assure you, there will not be another purchase by me, nor my friends and family. I was so glad to help support a small business during the holidays, specifically one in Nashville; however, the interaction on my latest purchase certainly left a bad taste in my mouth.


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