How Bow Dah?

Last weekend, Alex and I escaped the freezing Nashville temps to enjoy couple days with family in the Florida sun. When packing, I opted for solid color, light, breezy pieces and threw a handful of these skinny scarves into my bag to add some interest to my basic outfits.

I have been obsessed with these scarves since Daisy Faye Designs released them because they really are so versatile, and easy to style. I have worn them around my neck countless times -- you can see the proof here, here, and all over my instagram.

For this outfit, I was going for a bow theme to match the sleeve detail, and the leather of my shoes, so I simply knotted the scarf into a bow and bobby pinned it into my hair. I think it's super adorable!

Dress: Free People
Shoes: Kate Spade
Sunglasses: Kate Spade
Bralette: Married & Bright


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