Snow Daze

Last week, the snow came! I have been waiting all winter for a little dusting. This California girl is absolutely delighted by weather. I had been hoping to see some snow before the new year because we had some fun, adorable, pretty snow in mid-December last winter.

December 2016. You can see Bucket's first attempt and snow, and where he decided it wasn't for him.

Let's just say the snow was not worth the wait. Here's what's different this year: we own a house. And that house is on top of a hill. A hill that does not get salted or plowed. A hill we could not go up or down in either of our cars. And a hill that the mailman, the trash collector, and pretty much everyone except for our friends Emily and Caleb, could and would not come up.

Clearly, someone was driving on this hill. It just wasn't us.
So basically, it snowed on Friday, and our entire lives stopped for a week. At first, I was so excited to be in our little winter wonderland fishbowl. I went out and picked up some extra groceries, freshened up my favorite pajamas, lit some extra candles, and made the biggest batch of chocolate chip cookies. But as we moved through the weekend, the honeymoon faded. 

What started out as a three inch dusting, literally trapped us. I can't even believe such a meager amount of snow confined us to the cul-de-sac we live on, but without four wheel drive cars, the black ice and thick snowbanks made it feel just unsafe enough for us to try twice, and bail, twice.

Bless Emily and Caleb for shuttling Alex to work on Tuesday night, and taking us out to the movies on Thursday night. Without even the mail arriving, these two people literally saved me from insanity. I think they call that cabin fever. And yeah, six days into living in these four walls really did it to me.

I've never really had a snow day -- or week -- before, so when the weird depression/loneliness/isolation started to set in, I wasn't really sure how to handle it. Here's a quick list of some things that cheered me {so I don't feel to guilty about this whiney post!}:

  • Making cozy, yummy food. Since I wasn't in a rush to go anywhere, I indulged in some longer-to-complete meals like a garlic crusted roast, coffee and tea lattes made with my new milk frother, tons of cookies, and marinated chicken.
  • Working on some home projects. I've been meaning to purge, clean, and organize the bathroom drawers, linen and master closets, and junk drawers. Finishing those small projects gave me a sense of accomplishment.
  • Putting a dent in work. Since I work from home, I was able to hunker down with my computer and dig deep on a task that I know will take a long time to complete. It was too cold in the basement studio, so I would cuddle up in bed with Bucket, and tippy type away for hours at a time -- something I probably wouldn't have made time for when I felt like I should have been sewing.
  • Reading. I don't often set aside time to read, but since I'm trying to read/listen to three books a month, I was happy to complete my first book of the year during this quiet time.
  • Online shopping. Ha! It's true. Even though the mail wasn't coming, ordering a new slogan tee and some fabrics I've been meaning to purchase gave me a reason to look forward to the next 3-5 business days.

When the snow finally melted the next Friday, I treated myself with a trip to UPS, the post office, the grocery store, starbucks, and Taaaaaaarget! Yes!

Note to self: buy a car with four wheel drive. But that's a whole different post.


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  1. Oh girl, that was my reality in WV every time it snowed. Complete isolation. A few years ago I got my car stuck in a ditch on the side of my parents’ hill. No rolling back to the bottom, just legit stuck in a drain off :o


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