Shut the Front Door!

We've lived in our home for about 10 months {and still haven't shared photos of our renovation -- sorry!}, and it's come time to tackle another project: the front door.

Ever since we've moved in, we've both kind of hated the double doors. The panels, layers of peeling paint, nail holes, the way they close but only barely, the way they very nearly scrape the brand new floors we've put in, the sticky handle and wobbly lock, the hardware... just everything is terrible. While the doors are technically functioning, they just are not great. So, we decided to just replace the whole dang thing.

Here's what we're thinking.

My favorite door color for our house is yellow with a close second of pink, but I don't think that Alex would go for it. Which do you like best? I think as far as design, we are going to go with a flush, flat, windowless door, with either brass or black hardware. We had considered ordering doors with small, rectangular windows, but since the doors are already flanked by windows, and the front of the house is already kind of busy, we don't water to overload the facade.

What do you think? I'd love to hear your input and help us decide!


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