Juvenile Style

Here's a couple photos I made Alex take of me on our porch last fall. This has got to be the week after my birthday, because look how proud I am of this cute bunny bag he got me for turning 29. I mean, what does an adult nearly 30-year-old grown up woman want for her birthday? A bunny bag.

Here's the thing about me -- I like to think of myself as mature. I have a mortgage. I've been married for four years. I'm a business owner. I think grocery shopping makes for a wild Friday night. But, I have the most juvenile taste ever.

Pink has never not been my favorite color. I regularly shop in the children's section at Target -- hello, XL leggings! And I luuuuurve cute animal inspired design. So, that's why I clearly based this whole outfit around this rabbit bag.

Blush and grey tones match the purse in varying textures, which makes this statement bag blend a bit and elevates the outfit past being gimmicky. But these poof earrings take it right back down. I mean, if it not a little off center, it's not really my style.

Purse: Kate Spade
Coat: Old | Similar | Similar | Similar
Sweater: Express
Jeans: Old Navy
Boots: ASOS (only $30!)
Earrings: Marley and Alfie


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