Exceedingly Average


Ever since my miscarriage, I've had this little pooch on my stomach that just won't go away. If I'm honest, my body hasn't been as small as I'd like it to be in about 5 years. Today, I feel whatever about it. But there are times when I honestly torture myself about the way I look. My body has been through a lot this year, why should I punish it more with negative thoughts?

I almost didn't post any photos from this group that showed anything below the waist {or anything with double chin for that matter}, but I think it's time to be a little more transparent on the internet. This is how my body looks in clothes. I think my shape is exceedingly average and that a lot of women can relate to my physical body and how I sometimes feel about it.

I posted on instagram about these thoughts that I've been having, and for me, and the consensus among commenters, the best way to combat negative self talk, is to express gratitude.

This sweater makes me feel really good. Thank you, sweater. I like my new hair. Thank you, Mallory for coloring it. I'm thankful to be alive to experience the changing of the seasons. Thank you, health for carrying me through, and thank you fall for being pretty. My legs look good in these jeans. Thank you, sisters who recommended the high rise. I'm smart. Thank you dad for paying for my education and pushing me to learn algebra when it made me cry. I make people laugh. Thanks, mom, for instilling your sense of humor in me.

What helps boost your mood and scare away the mean things you tell yourself?

Sweater: Anthropologie
Jeans: Target
Boots: Amazon


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