Fall Bucket List

I feel like I did pretty well on my Summer Bucket List! While I didn't check off everything, I think it achieved it's goal of enhancing summer enjoyment. I need zero help to enjoy my favorite season of autumn, but having a list makes it feel just that extra tid bit more festive.

  1. Go to a pumpkin patch.
  2. Carve pumpkins. (Carving party October 15th?)
  3. Make pumpkin muffins with real steamed pumpkin.
  4. Give candy to trick or treaters.
  5. Make my own fall wreath.
  6. Make hot chocolate and drink it on the deck.
  7. Buy or make a flannel shirt.
  8. Roast a turkey.
  9. Make caramel apples.
  10. Rake the leaves and play in them.
  11. Subscribe to the paper.
  12. Get a new cozy sweater.
  13. Make Halloween cupcakes or cookies.
  14. Decorate the front yard. (Googly eyes in the bushes!)
  15. Make Thai chai tea.
  16. Watch Hocus Pocus.
  17. Stack pumpkins on the porch.
  18. Decorate the deck to be cozy.
  19. Make oxtail stew.
  20. Light a fire in the fireplace.
  21. Plan a family Halloween costume Alex will actually wear.
  22. Go leaf peeping.
  23. Play board games.
  24. Make fall scented play dough.
  25. Make a pinecone bird feeder.
  26. Go to a tea house.
  27. Go to Green Door Gourmet.
  28. East s'mores.
  29. Put flannel sheets on the beds.
  30. Try a farm to table restaurant.
  31. Be grateful.

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