Our last couple days in Maine were gorgeous, sunny, and mild. It was a nice escape from the heat and humidity of Nashville, and though I couldn't ride the seaside coasters on Old Orchard Beach, the emotional ups and downs were enough of a trip for me.

I found the area to be a little bit like what I imagine the jersey shore to be like -- it was busy and crowded, full of tchotchke shops and rowdy bars, and the water was cold, so we didn't stay long. I did enjoy walking through the amusement park before the rides and games were open, looking at all the old-timey and likely below code structures, and we stood a long time at the carousel enjoying the original 1920s one man band that still functioned almost perfectly.

When we'd had enough of skee ball {pretty sure I pulled a muscle}, we headed back towards Kennebunk to sit on a quieter beach and enjoy the waves. I'd was hard to turn my brain off as I watched the water roll gently in and out -- my yet unanswered questions seemed to endlessly repeat -- but stopping to think how lucky I am to be here, and trying to relinquish control of the situation set me up for calmer days ahead.

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Red Shorts: Anthropologie
Bathing Suit: Amazon 


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