What Brought You to Nashville?

This is one of the most common questions I get when telling someone that I'm new to Nashville. It's a total legit question, and one that I ask to people when I meet them for the first time -- but it's hard for me to answer.

Perhaps that's because we moved to Nashville simply because we felt like it.

In mid-2015, we had been married for a little over and year and we were starting to get antsy about moving forward in our lives. Our apartment had begun to feel small and cramped, we were tired of parking on the street and sitting in traffic, the smell of actual air was becoming unfamiliar, and LA was starting to take it's toll.

We loved {and still love!} LA, especially for when we were in our early 20s, and there's a lot we miss about it, but we were just getting the feeling that it wasn't for us. Alex and I were beginning to feel like becoming homeowners -- and parents, eventually -- was what was next for us. We had been to countless open houses and looked at 1000 sqft condos that were listed for three-quarters of a million dollars, and it just seemed like homeownership, feeling settled, getting some breathing room, and reclaiming some time to relax was too far out of reach.

Alex and I hadn't really talked about it with each other, but apparently we were both thinking the same thing. I was out working a wedding one night, and unbeknownst to me, Alex was at home on the internet zooming around a map on a real estate app, when he landed on a property just outside Nashville. You can read a tiny bit more about that here.

As soon as the idea of moving to Tennessee was proposed, I was all for it. Even though it was Alex's initial idea, he eventually needed some convincing that it was the right idea. I think we both agreed that we wanted a change, but leaving LA, especially since Alex's business is based there, felt like a pretty risky move.

Our criteria for finding a place to call home boiled down to two simple things:

1. Live in a metropolitan city with a strong music or film industry. {Basically our choices were Los Angeles, New York, or Nashville.}
2. Find a place where the standard of living is better -- less traffic, smog, congestion; more space, land, elbow room -- and that is more affordable. {This essentially knocked LA and NYC out of the running.}

So, given that we were craving a change of scenery, but still hoping to find some work prospects for Alex, it seemed like Nashville was our only choice.

I guess you could say that we came to Nashville for work, but not in the traditional sense. No one paid or forced us to make this change... It was totally elective! Which, is hard to explain to people sometimes who might not get why we'd pick up and haul our entire lives across the country.

So far, it seems like the right choice. We've found it really refreshing to live in an area with tons of wide open space, clean air, friendly people, without missing out on the fun city stuff like good food and bars, community activities {heck, we just got back from a local fireworks show!}, museums, culture, etc.

I guess all this is to say, is that following a gut feeling sometimes is actually the way to go, even when your head is trying to make up all kinds of excuses. Trust it.

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