Whether the Weather is Cold

When I first moved away from California for college, I didn't even know it could rain during the summer. I actually have a picture I made a friend snap of me in soaking clothes after a sun shower because I was so surprised. After college, I relocated to Southern California, and living in Los Angeles for five years had made me used to dry, consistent weather. I always knew it would be at least 75 and sunny and I never checked the weather. Now that I live in Nashville, I have to get used to the mercurial climate, and be sure to actually dress for it.

Daily Dress Me has been a major help in that department. Not only do they tell you the weather, but they also give suggestions as to what to wear. This has been clutch because I often find myself thinking what does 62 feel like? or can I wear jeans in 100% humidity?

Dressing for wet, but warm summers has been a particular challenge for me since I usually associate rain with cold, and don't know how to guard myself from the elements without majorly bundling. Finding a light, cute raincoat and pink rainboots was a turning point for me. I find most wet weather gear to be all black and boring, but these two fun pieces easily spice up a basic grey dress.

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