Renovations Phase One

When we first looked at our home, of course we had stars in our eyes and everything seemed amazing and perfect. After visiting it many times, it became clear to us that some changes would be necessary for this house to really be home.

First thing was that we really wanted to get rid of as much carpet as possible and replace it with hardwood. I've never been a fan of carpet, especially not in the living space where it can get dirty so easily and doesn't need to have such a cozy, warm feeling like you'd might crave in a bedroom. So, clean new hardwood floors became a must.

We decided to change out the carpet in the living room and hallway on the first floor, and the staircase, catwalk landing, and master bedroom. Since we'd be adding new hardwood throughout most of the main floor, we decided seamlessly connect it to the kitchen, and replace the existing hardwoods in the entry and dining room so that everything would match. The entry and dining room hardwoods had recently been refinished and the flooring itself was nice, but we really wanted a modern, seamless, threshold-free home, so we decided to get rid of those, too.

In order to save a couple thousand bucks, we opted to leave the carpet in the two main floor guest bedrooms. The carpet was new-ish and clean, and felt cozy in those rooms. Besides, both rooms had been recently repainted and had the beautiful wood ceilings installed, so we really didn't want to touch them at all. That also gave us the option to move in earlier and live in the two rooms of the house that weren't changing while we demo'd the rest of the house.

One guest bedroom is our office/dining/living room, and the other one we set up as a bedroom with the furniture we bought here in Tennessee that will stay in the guest area once our "real" furniture arrives from LA.

The second thing that absolutely had to change was the mirrors in the entry and dining rooms. We totally hated the jarring feeling of opening the front door and seeing a person -- yourself -- standing right in front of you. And since the dining room was going to be converted to Alex's office, we knew he didn't want to stare at himself all day, cute though he may be.

Plus we found those mirrors to be tacky, dated, ugly, and in bad taste. OUT.

We opted to remove the mirrors, and rather than hanging or repairing the drywall, cover it with stained beadboard. I remember thinking that wood paneling was totally disgusting when I was growing up, so it's kind of funny that we voluntarily added it to our house. I figure, if we don't like how much wood there is, we can paint over the beadboard with white, but it was the cheapest and easiest way to cover up the scarred walls.

We also decided to paint much of the interior stark, bright white.

So really, it boiled down to floors and walls. Here are some before + demo photos... I can't wait to share the results with you! {{I haven't even seen the finished product myself!}}

Try to see beyond my outfit and look at how nutzo these crazy mirrors {and chandelier} are!

The carpeting on these floors, on the stairs and catwalk, and in the master bedroom must go. If you look beyond that sunspot, you can see the hardwood in the entry that needs to be replaced in order to make a seamless transition to the new floors. The walls in here will also become a brighter, happier white color.

These are the two rooms we've decided not to touch. We are even leaving the drapes that the seller left behind for us. We won't be spending a ton of time in either of these rooms, so we'd like to just make the guest bedroom comfortable for visitors... but we still haven't figured out what to do with the dark blue room! Any ideas?


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