House Hunting: Saddle Drive

Okay, so I'm probably breaking the cardinal rule of home buying jinx, but I'm so excited to say that we have finally found a house! After looking at over 100 homes in the span of close to two years, it looks like the search is finally winding down...

In early March, as we were prepping to get Alex to the airport for an afternoon flight to LA, I flopped onto the couch to take a break from cleaning to browse the real estate apps, as we have been doing every few hours for the last few months.

No sooner had I sat down, than I bolted up. "Alex! There's a house!" That's basically our stop-what-you're-doing-say-no-more code. Alex pulled up the listing on his computer. The house had been on the market for 36 minutes -- there wasn't even a listing description, just a price, some photos, and some basic stats.

4 beds, 2 full baths, 2 half baths, 2675 square feet, asking price $336,000

It was more than enough to get us super excited! As we were flipping through the photos, Alex got a notification that his flight was delayed, affording us just enough time to drive by the house on the way to the airport.

I threw on whatever was closest -- hello the work from home no pants life --,  leashed up the dog, and we piled Alex's suitcases into the back of the car. A twenty minute drive up some quiet back roads past lush public parks, up to the tippy top of a hill was our mid century dream home on Saddle Drive.

On paper it ticks all the boxes: the proper amount of bedrooms and square feet, plus enough office space for both of us, high ceilings, character, light, and a gas fucking stove! I don't know what I'm more excited about -- an office of my own with an actual door on it, or the gas range set into the granite island.

So anyway, we drove by the house, peeked in the windows, a poked around the neighborhood long enough to become desperately interested, and oh let's just say it, obsessed. As we were musing as to the state of the back deck, Alex got an email that is flight was moved up again, and we had to split.

We spent the short drive to the airport excitedly chatting about changing out flooring, office designs, and sectional shopping. We were already mentally moving in and we hadn't even been inside yet.

Alex and I decided that I should probably see the inside of the house and then we'd decide if he should even look at it when he got back into town. So I texted Kara, our agent, dropped Alex off, and turned around to head back to the house in order to familiarize myself more with the area.

The one unknown about this house is the neighborhood. We currently live in Franklin -- which we love -- but we haven't found any homes that we love. We decided last week to broaden our search to include some of Nashville, and as soon as we did, this home in Bellevue popped up!

I knocked around Bellevue for an hour while waiting for Kara to meet me at the house, bought some cough drops, took Bucket to the dog park at Percy Warner {which he loved! and got super muddy at}, and got a cup of coffee which did not help at all to calm my nerves and excitement.

When I finally met up with Kara at the house, I think I entered one of those blackout phases. It was so weird to be house hunting without Alex, especially since this house was giving me ~*the feeling*~! Alex was already mid-air, but through the magic of on board wifi, and facebook messenger video chat, I was able to tour him around the house, and after three {THREE} hours inside the place, we decided to put an offer in! And when I say "we," I basically mean "me," because keep in mind, Alex wasn't even there.

some highlights from the listing. by row from top: the front of the house, the entryway, the kitchen, the vaulted ceiling living room, the master bedroom, and the double decks on the back of the house.

We knew that they had twenty appointments for the following day, so we decided to come in strong with an offer over asking, and to pay our own closing costs. Since we were pre-approved for close to $90k above the list price, we felt comfortable bidding above, so long as we didn't get too far away from the value of the home.

What was funny was that Alex and I decided to bid on this house without consulting anyone else. Usually when we are considering this move, we call our parents, text our siblings, run the specs by our friends. But this time it felt so right, we didn't need approval from the outside. Instead, that night I called my parents to inform them that we were putting in an offer, not to ask their advice. I guess when you know, you know...

Our bid was submitted around 10:30pm on March 7th, and we gave the sellers until 2pm the next day to give us an answer. I could hardly sleep!

I'll post more about what happened next, so stay tuned!


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