Simple Lemon Tart

When my mom sent me that huge box of lemons, I instantly set about using them up. I love lemon flavored desserts, and could always stand to eat a lemon bar, so that was my first project. This lemon tart recipe came via Dinner, Then Dessert, and could not be more fool-proof. I've modified it slightly because I don't have a food processor at the moment (hashtag that's in storage), but I thought that it came out perfectly delicious.


For the crust --
- 12 tablespoons cold butter, grated with a cheese grater
- 6 tablespoons sugar 
- 1½ cups flour 

For the filling -- 
- 1½ cups sugar
¼ cup flour 
- 4 eggs 
- ¾ cup of lemon juice 
- 1 tablespoon lemon zest
- 8-10 sliced lemon rounds

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 
2. Using your hands, mix the butter, sugar and flour until it comes together in a ball.
3. Press into a greased 14x6 inch tart pan.
4. Bake the crust for 22-25 minutes. 
5. Combine the 1½ cups sugar, ¼ cup flour, 4 eggs, lemon juice and zest in a large bowl and whisk until throughly combined. Pour into crust, and gently place sliced lemons on the surface of the filling, if desired. Put the pan back in the oven for 20-22 minutes, and bake until just set.
6. Allow to completely cool, before dusting with powered sugar, and slicing into squares.

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