Quarter One Favorites

Wow. I can't believe the first quarter of the year is nearly over. Usually the time after the holidays are quiet for me, and I use this time to catch up from the rush of my heavy season, but between house hunting, changing my business model,Valentine's Day craziness, launching a new collection, bringing on an intern and brand reps, Alex traveling every other week, and frankly remembering to go grocery shopping and change the laundry, finding time to write here fell to the bottom of the list.

I thought it would be fun to share some of the things that I loved and helped me stay sane during what I thought was going to be a relaxing season.

Prep dish. Guys. This meal plan service is taking all the stress of figuring out what to eat and what to buy so we can eat that thing completely off my plate. Pun intended. I love the yummy recipes and the break down of how to prep for 4 dinners, a dessert, snack and salad all in one day so I'm not worrying about meals as they come... I'm totally prepped!

this simple and quick beef stew was a welcome winter comfort recipe

Essential Oils. I am majorly drinking the koolaid on this. For the past few months, I have been fighting off daily tension headaches that wake me up in the night, and make my brain throb all day. After taking enough ibuprofen to make your head spin, and at the urging of my holistic loving friend Danielle, I decided to try essential oils. Diffusing lavender and cedarwood at night has revolutionized my sleep. I probably haven't slept a whole night through since high school and these two oils in the air make me sleep like the dead. So grateful that a little extra shut eye has also helped with my headaches, too!

This cookie recipe. I've been making these cookies close to once a week and I seriously wish I could quit it but they are so soft and chewy and puffy and delicious. Oh, and EASY.

The Sopranos. I am about 15 years late to this party but ho.ly. shit, people, if you haven't binged this series what even are you doing with your life? It's available to watch on HBO through amazon prime and this cable-less girl is loving it.

Goo Goo Clusters. Y'all. This little bites are like If a turtle got impregnated by a snickers bar. I first heard about these candies in Masterminds, when Zach Galifianakis exclaimed "that's a good goo goo cluster!" I thought these were some kind of fake made up delight, so imagine my surprise when after traveling over the holidays, I was greeted by a Goo Goo clusters advert on the escalator down to baggage claim. That's some damn good product placement right there. 

Chilaquiles. This easy but flavorful egg dish has been keeping me alive since we moved here. I can quickly make it out of things I generally have in my pantry using one pan. It's become a favorite of mine to eat twice or three times a day when Alex is traveling and I don't want to make a huge meal. tortilla chips + enchilada sauce + two fried eggs + beans + crumbly cheese + cilantro = yummmmmm

These jeans recommended by my sister. Stop what you are doing right now and get your butt down to target to get the High Rise Jegging Crop. Ignore the "jegging" part of the product name -- all that denotes is the fact that the front pockets are sewn shut, which is a good thing, believe me! These magical jeans are so well-fitting, and flattering on all three Benitz girls. Granted, we're sisters so we are curvy in the same ways, but these jeans fit better than denim I have paid $100+ for, and both my sisters are gonna back me up on this, because, hey they tipped ME off to these miracle pants!

actual fitting room photo I texted to my sisterfriends. see that look of sheer excitement?

This scarf from DFD. This handmade skinny scarf is the hardest working piece in my wardrobe. It's great for those bad (read: didn't wash it) hair days, for brightening up an otherwise bland outfit, accessorizing a purse, or using to define your waist as I have below. It now comes in three colors and is made by the hands of my dear friend Kim out in sunny California.

I'm trying to get back on the horse with posting more, so if there is a specific thing you'd like to hear more about {I'm sure house hunting is one of them! - more on that soon! -} please leave a comment here or on instagram and let me know!


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