House Hunting: Vista Circle

The house at 1008 Vista Circle will forever be the one that got away. The only thing is that, as of this writing, it's still on the market!

This is the only photo I have of the property because I was way to busy drooling to get my phone out.

Remember that horse house I wrote about before? After visiting it, we decided to head closer into town to see another property for comparison. We walked in the door of this place, and I instantly got a tingly feeling. Clearly a recent flip, the crisp white walls still smelled of fresh paint, and the kitchen was literally something off of pinterest. It even had that little slide-y cabinet next to the stove for spices, not to mention the double ovens, spacious industrial fridge, pantry, farmhouse sink, and white marble counter tops. {insert all the heart emojis here}

We walked through the home and fell in love with the oversize master bedroom complete with newly refinished master bath featuring a claw. foot. tub. UGGHHHH. The back of the house has this massive bonus room that would be perfect for Alex studio office. I was already imagining the Christmas tree nestled into the bay window in the living room, and a menorah perched on a windowsill in the sitting room facing the street.

To cut a long fantasy short, we headed straight to the mortgage dude to get the paperwork drawn up when the record came to a screeching halt. Turns out, the election results had not been easy on interest rates, and a home that we could have afforded pre-November 8th, was suddenly out of reach. No matter which way you cut it, the sticker price just wasn't going to work.

So we just dusted ourselves off and walked away. I still check the listing to see if the price has dropped to anywhere near our current range, but it's still hovering above our grasp. I often wonder if they'd accept a low-ball offer considering the fact that it's been on the market for over a year, and the lovely heartfelt letter I'd gladly write about raising our future children there. But all that is immaterial given the fact that Alex is totes "over it." {eyeroll}

He's got his heart set on a mid-century palace on a small plot of land. Does that even exist?? Not sure, but we're holding out for it anyway! I'm just ready to be done with this whole home search and just be there already! So, whoever is currently living in our dream home, if you could just list it for sale, that'd be greeeeeeeaaaaaat.


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