house hunting: the horse house

On the second visit, I brought apples my mom sent me from California and fed them to these guys.
 This is the house that effectively got us back on the horse {see what I did there?!} so to speak with house hunting. We have been trolling the real estate apps and sites, going to open houses, and getting listings sent over from our agent for months, but this was the first one that warranted an in-person visit.
The views through these windows in the dining room were amazing, especially in late fall!
We were intrigued by the quirky design of the home that incorporated re-purposed doors, fixtures, and reclaimed wood from historical properties, as well as the 7 acre parcel of land it was on. My dreams of goats and chickens felt within reach! And the horses could have been negotiated in...

Pond with actual fish and little house for Bucket, too!
In the end, we decided it was just too much land for us city folk to take on all at once. The house was on the smaller size, but wasn't ideal for starting a family -- lots of steps and bedrooms on different floors! It was hard to say goodbye to this one, but I hope we can stay in it sometime as it is an Air BnB rental!

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