Downtown Franklin at Christmastime

When I imagined what living in a small* Southern town would be like, today is exactly what I had pictured. This weekend is the Franklin Dickens of a Christmas celebration -- it's part street fair, complete with food and arts vendors, part concert, part zoo, and totally adorable. I love living in a place that as fun community events and it chalk full of charm. It's basically like living in Stars Hollow. There were carolers, bluegrass pickin', folks dressed up like eskimos Dickens characters, goats and chickens for kids {and Alex's wife} to pet, pony rides, and a rumor of a town sing along and a sprinkling of snow at sundown.

* Franklin has a population of about 65,000 and grows by about 90 people a day, so maybe not so so small.

My first stop was to the post office to drop off a few packages and some holiday cards. I'm there a few times a week and I've gotten to know the workers there. I want to give them a little holiday gift. Any suggestions?

Next we meandered down the street admiring the offerings of the local shops and vendors and stopping to listen to each of the many official and impromptu musical acts. I loved seeing the kids playing their instruments! After this group performance ended, many of these children defected to busk on street corners solo.

We finished up our trip with a obligatory visit to the petting zoo. It was $3 for kids to get in and adult can go in free with their kids... but what about solo adults? I embarrassed Alex by paying my $3 and when the ticket taker gave me a strange look and asked where my kid was I blurted, "it's just me. I love goats!" So my husband waited patiently outside the fence while I petted and chatted with each of the goats, sheep, lambs {totally different okay!?}, calf, chicken, duck, and alpaca. It was soooo worth the stop! I can't wait to have my own goats and chickens so I don't have to pay to pet them.

 I never ever want to not live here.

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