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About a year ago, I was working at a wedding in Malibu when, on my dinner break, I noticed that Alex posted on my facebook page with a link to a home listing... In Tennessee. While chewing my grilled chicken, I commented with "I didn't know we were moving!"

The truth is, I had been dying to move out of Los Angeles for quite some time, but the serious talk about actually doing it hadn't quite been broached.

When I got home that night, Alex took me on a virtual tour of a church in Dickson, TN, and the long hard search for our Tennessee home began.

A month later, Alex booked a short notice gig in Nashville, and purchased two plane tickets so I could tag along. We'd been to Nashville only once before -- when we were moving from Boston to LA. At the time, becoming a costumer in Hollywood was the only thing on my mind, and with the gloomy weather we experienced in 2011, our trip to Music City was short and sweet, and we moved along down the road.

This time, I was bursting with joy. Every quirk delighted me; the hertz lady endlessly chatting us up in her southern hospitality kind of way, the abundance of biscuits; the cozy feeling of falling leaves and bonfire smoke floating in the air, a moonshine cocktail on every menu... It felt like home.

So, for the next year, we planned and plotted our move. And finally, finally, after months of deliberation, tears, late night pillow talks, and -- I'll admit it -- a lot of begging, we set a move date. We loaded our SUV full as it could fit with whatever we deemed essential, and put the rest into storage, and basically pointed the car east. We arrived in Franklin, TN on September 6th, and today I thank you for following along with our journey towards homeownership, parenthood, and finding home.


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