house hunting: a union hospital

On our October 2015 trip to visit Nashville, one of the first homes we looked at {and kind of fell in love with} was 207 W 6th Street in Columbia. Just around the corner from the James Polk Ancestral Home, this gem in the making is a true riches-to-rags {and hopefully riches again soon!} story. I wish I could dig up more history, but from what I understand from the listing agent, this 1835 Federal Style house was the home of a Confederate general, but was taken over by the Union during the Civil War when it was stormed by mounted soldiers. It was then converted into a Union hospital -- apparently there are still bloodstains on the floor and hoofprints in the foyer!

Ultimately, we had to pass on this character home because -- HELLO -- look how much work it needs. It's been on the market for over three years, and I truly hope that someone with the means and passion scoops it up and restores it to it's former glory. The plaster walls are layered in handpainted paper, and the original floors are hidden under massive rugs. Each interior door is unique and beautiful, and many crystal and enamel doorknobs remain. The fireplaces are the pieces that most charm me... You can just imagine a cracking, sparkling fire heating rooms full of hoop skirted women, and top hatted men.

Maybe one day, we'll get to own a true historic jewel like this one. Until then, the search continues...

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