finding my style

For as long as I can remember, I've been searching to define my style. My fashion sense runs the gamut from enjoying bright colors and fun prints {bananas, and boob prints get at me}, to longing for a minimal grey and black wardrobe. If I'm honest, I spend most days in sweatpants and sweaters. When you work from home, there's not a whole lot of reason to get dressed up... or even really shower. I do enjoy putting outfits together, and in previous blog iterations, even the existential act of getting dressed solely to take picture to post on the interest, was reason enough to gussy up. And I think Alex really appreciated not having to look at the same stained sweats day after day.

I love wearing kid's clothes. This bow form Free Babes is so cute!
In any case, I've found that there's no way to put a limit to the things I like to wear. It varies day to day. Some days, jeans and tees seem simple and chic, other days a flouncy tulle shirt and bejeweled top feel like the right thing. Maybe that means my style is 'eclectic' or 'quirky,' either of which terms I'm certainly okay with. In the end, I think shopping for what delights my senses and brings me joy is probably the only way for me. After all, the mundane act of dressing in the morning doesn't have to be boring, does it?

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