I still feel like we just got here, so it's crazy to say that a month has already passed since we pulled into Franklin, TN. We spent our first weeks here hustling to get our apartment together -- buying furniture, going to Target several dozen times, and figuring out where the local grocery stores, coffee shops, and dog parks are.

Alex was called away on business about ten days after we moved in, for about two weeks! It's was super weird living in a new town, not knowing anyone, and doing it all by myself. I quickly fell into a routine: morning dog walks, starbucks drive through, work until the fireflies come out, take Bucket to the park to play with his new friends Otis and Harper {side note: I wish I were as good at making fast friends as he is!}, and ending the night with pasta and a glass of wine on the couch with The Office. I watched all nine seasons in the span of Alex's business trip. Nuts.

Since Alex has been back, we've been enjoying long drives in the countryside gawking at gorgeous old houses, eating apple cider donuts, and watching the sunset from our balcony.
All in all, it's hard to tell if this is our forever home since it feels like Alex especially hasn't spent much time here, but it seems impossible to imagine going back to the smog, congestion, traffic, and filth of the city when the fall leaves are dropping off the trees in the evening breeze, and the view from the dog park is better than any I've seen from the Hollywood Hills. We'll see.

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