When I started really taking married and bright lingerie seriously as a business, I started listening to a lot of experts about how to run it. After all, it seemed wise to hear my elders out and take their experience into consideration. One piece of advice I took extremely literally was that I could not blog about anything other than my business. It would be off brand. It would confuse my customer base. It would be off putting.

Now, at the time, I was still kind of running a blog {that my business would subsequently steal it's name from} that I kind of thought was going to make me famous.
I thought, if only I post consistently, write content people want to read, take really great photos... I will be a success! It was kind of bland, really. Anyway, it wasn't really ever meant to be a money maker for me, but I enjoyed it.

So, I stopped. Probably because I read a blog post that told me that blogging is dead. So, I basically stopped doing something that I thought was fun because some internet person told me to.

This is all to say, that... I'm back {??}!

My last entries were about anticipating and and being impatient {must be the same Latin root!} about our potential move to Nashville. Well, my how time flies when you take your own advice. We are officially moving to our dream neighborhood of Frankin, in oh say, THREE WEEKS! We signed the paperwork on a 4-month lease takeover on Monday and well arrive in Nashville on September 3rd after a 4-day whirlwind road trip along I-40.

I literally can't wait even though I know it'll be here before I'm ready {hello packing up an entire apartment we've crammed five years of stuff into in less than a month!}

People keep asking me what I'm worried about concerning the move. The thing I most say is that I'm a little nervous about being a Jewish/atheist family in the south {more on that another time}, but I have to say that the thing that occupies most of my thoughts is... What the heck am I going to wear?!

Here's the thing: we're leaving 99% of what we own here in Los Angeles in storage in case we want to move back or move to another city or acquire a bigger house sooner rather than later. We'll have all of our furniture sitting in storage waiting to move and we won't waste one or money shipping our lives across he country when we're not 100% sure what our long term plan is. So, we're taking only what can fit in the back of Alex's car. We're talking all the equipment to run our two businesses, the dog crate, some bedding and kitchen stuff, and our clothes.

I'm basically planning on packing a 4 month capsule wardrobe that will take me through fall and the beginning of winter. And it has to fit in a suitcase I'm sharing with Alex. {insert emoji horror face here} As someone who owns fifty pairs of keds and can't actually close the door to her closet, the idea of creating a capsule goings against the fibers of my being.

Here are the concerns:

1. How do I dress for cold weather? Living in LA has taught me that a denim jacket is plenty warm eps silly when it gets as cold as 65!!

2. Won't I get bored of wearing the same thing every day?

3. Will my weird, quirky style stick out in this new city?

4. If I eat a lot of biscuits, will I still fit what I bring?

I don't have much time to put thought into action at the moment, but I'll address it on Wednesday after the photoshoot for my Halloween and Holiday Collections is over. {like how I just slipped that in there at the end?!} I've been sewing and prepping like crazy, so as soon as I get this 4 model, 100 look shoot off my plate, it's all Annika on deck to get packing and moving to Nashville.
If you have capsule wardrobe advice for cold ish weather, praytell. Until then, follow along with the hashtag #ChalOFFtoNashville

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