Knock on wood, but I haven't experienced a creative block yet. I always find that inspiration and motivation for the next new thing is always around the corner. This time, I found it in the infinitely adorable prints available on spoonflower. Since starting Married & Bright, I haven't had the chance to use printed fabrics as much as I like and I just couldn't resist these amazing patterned fabrics designed by independent surface designers.

I literally could not get my wallet out fast enough to get these fabrics, and somehow I found myself launching a full on collection during the slow season. Sometimes you gotta do something just because you can't not. So i put my nimble sewing fingers to work, roped an old high school classmate {thanks Jen Lee!} into modeling, and *made* my husband take pictures of a beautiful woman in her unders. {Tough life he has, huh?}

 This limited run collection will only be sold until June 30th, and is exclusively available to Cheeky Mail members. Since it launches today {June 10th} and I'm feeling extra generous, if you haven't joined up and gotten your access email, you can sign up right here, and I'll let you in. Just reply to the email you get letting me know you really really really want access. 

I am so excited to present the Summer Print Collection, a group of fun, flirty, quirky, lively designs that you can't find anywhere but in your Cheeky Mail inbox. I am so thrilled to create shapes that flatter all body types and prints you can really feel good about. I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I have!

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