Here's a funny thing about being in business: even though you are your own boss, you don't get to control everything. Everyone has input on how you should be doing things. Your schedule is at the mercy of your customers. And you're supposed to abide by a specific set of rules.

Since my birthday last year {at the advice of several branding experts}, I have felt like I can't write about anything but Married & Bright on the marriedandbright blog. It's because one the the rules is that if you have a blog on your website, it's gotta be about business. Here's the thing: Married & Bright the lingerie brand came after marriedandbright the blog. I started blogging for fun. I like writing about pumpkin pie and wearing white after Labor Day. I like taking pictures of my outfits and journaling about why I wore them. I like throwing parties and sharing the pictures.

It seems a shame that I'd have to either start a whole new website, or not blog altogether just because my biz is making bras. There are so many fun things on the horizon beside the super cute printed summer collection that I'll be releasing this week that I want to write about.
I did consider starting a new blog about our move to Nashville. Here is a list of all the terrible blog names I came up with:

- Fash-ville
- Chal-off to Nashville
- Southern Belle Bottoms
- Whiskey Me Away
- I Volunteer as Trib-boot
- Dressed to Distill
You can see why I don't want to start a new site...

All this is to say, too bad so sad to the people who told me that I can't blog unless I'm promoting something about my business. Have you even seen this manicure? It's the best thing in my life right now!
PS, you can expect to see a few more posts around here. And they won't all be about undies.

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