I've always wanted a big life. When I was a child, I was sure I'd be accepting my Best Actress Oscar by now. But over the years, my idea of a big life has shifted. Maybe it doesn't mean fame, fortune; maybe it means have a fulfilling life... a meaningful life.

About a year ago, I decided to open a little shop in the corner of the internet and hawk some handmade lingerie while I tried to figure out the next thing. I slipped into this tiny business by accident, not realizing that this was the next thing. I've spent the last twelve months, trying to make up for a haphazard beginning by learning, growing, laying the foundation of a new business, and humbling myself over and over.

Twenty-fifteen was all about my education. This year is all about Purpose.
It has become de rigueur in my sphere to select a word of the year as a way to place an emphasis or focus on a particular value that will serve as a guide over the course of a calendar year. I didn't have one in 2015 because the whole world seemed upside-down to me, but this year, I had a moment to think about it, and the word purpose seemed to suit me perfectly.
When I chose purpose for my word of the year, I thought about it in two ways: with purpose, and on purpose.

I doubt very much that I will become a famous actress, but rather than achieving that enormous dream, I've found that I derive a lot of meaning out of doing good work. I pride myself on a ethically run business, making items that bring joy to others, and promoting a message of self-worth for women. That is what I do with purpose.

Since 2015 was so accidental, so random, I've set out to be more intentional about my actions this year. I've decided to plan more carefully, think more deeply, and operate my business is a measured and careful way. That is what I do on purpose. 

So maybe a big life isn't flashy and glamorous, but it sure is wonderful.

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