On the drive between our apartment and Alex office, in the parking lot of a chain diner, this little fall wonderland popped up. To most, it probably looked like the place you'd grab a pumpkin on October 30th, or hope the kids wear themselves out on the bouncy houses. When I say there was a petting zoo, though, I literally screamed that we had to stop the car!

 Goats have been my favorite animal since I was a kid. ( < --- see what I did there?!) I think they are an inherently hilarious animal and sooooo ca-ute! When we have our ranch, I'm totally getting one for Bucket as a pet. And yeah, I think Bucket would rock having a pet goat.

Of course, I had to wear overalls to the petting zoo! I love that these are back in fashion. I remember wearing shorts overalls on top of my swimsuit when I rode my bike to the pool when I was little. I also love that I'm old enough to talk about fashions coming back into style.

I was definitely the oldest person feeding the goats and petting the donkey... by about twenty years. I think Alex has gotten past the point of embarrassment since this isn't the first time I've made him wait (and take pictures) while I linger in the petting zoo like I'm in first grade. What can I say? I'm obsessed.

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