I feel like I can't get my brain to turn off from thinking about buying a house in Nashville, building a recording studio for Alex, baking pies for the visiting musicians, making bralettes in my home office, fencing in yard for Bucket, and just being so super happy living in the country.  I am aware that the previous statement is a total fantasy, but that's the phase I'm in right now!

We haven't made up our minds about how or when, or even if, we'll make this move, but it has been so much fun to dream about a different, lower stress, simpler life, in a brand new place.
Since it looks like even if we do decide to move away from Los Angeles, it'll be at least a year before we load a truck up and go, I got to thinking about how I can be okay -- or even enjoy -- being where I am for now. A year is a long time, so I'm hoping that this list of ten things will keep me occupied until the next step comes.

1. Be a tourist. I would hate to leave LA and feel like I never got to enjoy the unique things about this city. Perhaps it's time to schedule that backlot tour of Universal Studios and wait in line to get into a schmancy club.

2. Get prepped. I have been obsessed with listening to The Lively Show podcast while I sew, and one thing that is really resonating with me is "exfoliating" your belongings. I have some definite hoarder tendencies, so taking a few minutes each day to throw away, donate, or sell at least 10 things is helping thin out my collections, which in turn, will make the move a little lighter if and when it does happen.

3. Enjoy my people. As jazzed as I am to start a new life somewhere else, I also realize that I will miss my LA friends oh-so-much! It's time to dig into those relationships, spend quality time together, and make some memories.

4. Maximize my business. So much of me wants to stop growing in my business because I know I will have a stop-start when we move, but at the same time, whatever work I put into my business here in California will carry over to wherever we go and I will be that much ahead. This even applies to my job as a wedding planner. Perhaps, I'll continue that part of my career, or maybe it will end when I go, but I'm doing it for now while I live here in LA and there's no reason to pull back when I don't know what the future holds. I think of it like a little challenge: how much can I get done before we go?

5. Make new connections. Another podcast that I'm in love with is She Percolates. The hosts Jen and Danielle met on instagram through a hashtag before Danielle moved to where Jen lives. I'm hoping that the same miracle will happen to me. Since I essentially know no one in Tennessee, reaching out through social media to total strangers in hopes of growing a friendship seems like a perfectly wonderful way to make myself a little landing pad for when I get there.

6. Do my research. This part is so fun. I'm loving learning everything I can about places we might move to. Where's the good coffee shop? Which town has the cutest main street? What do I need to do to set up my business when I get there? What neighborhoods do we like? Will I be able to find lemon tea flavored coconut water there?

7. Work on our marriage. I know that a big change could both rock the boat and bring us closer together, so taking the time now to make sure we're both prepped for what is about to happen to our lives is super important.

8. Set some goals. So much of our motivation to move is to find a slower pace of life at a more affordable cost. But what else do we want out of this change? We plan on taking some time to sit down and make a, well, plan for the future. What will our businesses look like in another state? Will we buy a house right away? How much will we spend? Will we renovate and how long will that take? Can we get another puppy? How long until kids? Can my mom come live with us when the first one comes? Are we saving enough for retirement? Can we afford to travel after the move? etc... Making some concrete plans and guidelines for approaching this move, even while we're still undecided about some aspects of it, can make for a smoother and more intentional transition.

9. Make my own mini-adventures. I'm excited to travel this fall to Boston not one, but three times! Even though moving across the country could be the biggest fun thing ever, that doesn't mean I can't enjoy the fun in between now and then. I'm excited for birthday parties, the holidays, our anniversary, trips to visit family, stay-cations, and living a vibrant life whether we decide to do a big exciting thing, or stay exactly where we are.

10. Say a long goodbye. Since the big day is at the very least a year away, I plan to spend the next twelve months indulging in my favorite local stuff. Eat at my favorite restaurant for the last time. Get that only-in-LA nail art mani-pedi. Pick up extra gluten-free dog food. Memorize that green juice recipe. Stick my feet in the pacific. Watch the sunset from the Hollywood lookout. Get a dozen artisanal donuts. 

Hopefully, I'll be able to take my own advice and cool my jets a little bit. They say that patience is a virtue, and in the absence of that, maybe I can just distract myself.

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