I recently discovered that I fit into a size XL in the Target kid's section. And, it basically revolutionized my summer wardrobe. Given that the first day of Autumn is only three days away, and it's still 100 degrees out here in Los Angeles, these short baby dresses are serving me well.

Maybe it's because I'm a creative person, or just a child at heart, but I'm finding that I'm connecting with the colorful, playful designs that are meant for kids more than I am for the adult stuff. It's funny because when I used to design children's clothing, people always asked me if my baby designs came in adult sizes. I always thought they were super weird for asking that, but I get it now. These bright triangles represent me more than a white button down and black trousers ever could.

 Another thing that really affected our summer was the opening of the Dunkin' Donuts in Encino. It literally changed Alex's life because he is capital O obsessed with DD. Like, literally the look on his face when I told him Dunkin's was coming to town was approximately a thousand times more excited than the face I gave him when we proposed to me. And I was pretty into that moment. So.

This summer has been a little bit of a wild ride because it was my first summer as a real wedding planner and as such, almost every weekend had one or more weddings. I also started to feel my lingerie business ramp up, which was such an amazing feeling to have about six months after the painful failure of Expect. So, work life was busy, and it was bloody hot. We made the best of it with lots of iced coffee, dog park afternoons, short flippy dresses, and together time.

Who knows? Maybe this was our last summer in Los Angeles. Perhaps by this time in 2016, we'll have packed our boxes and hit the road for another crazy season. I'm glad we got to enjoy it, even if it was a little nuts.


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