Earlier this week, Alex and I went on a two-day vacation to Palm Springs... about two weeks after we got back from a week-long vacation with my family.

At first, I felt really guilty about taking time off yet again. Because I work two jobs, and I am obsessed with them both, often times weeks will go by without me taking a day off. I'm not complaining, because frankly, I'm really bad at figuring out what to do when I have free time. And I love working on my own business and planning weddings, so time off can be boring and confusing for me. 

 But when we decided to take a couple days to spend together, scale back the daily work hours, and relax, I felt like I shouldn't share on social media that I was going away, or that I wouldn't be sewing, emailing, shipping, etc. I thought people would judge me, or be angry that I was resting. So many business owners, myself included, pride ourselves on being busy, and so the idea of not being a busy body {or at least not appearing like one} for two days was scary.

I tried to examine why I was feeling this way. Was I really worried that other people would be unhappy with the fact that I had taken time off during the summer? Or was I feeling like I didn't deserve the time off?

Oftentimes, I won't let myself stop working until the job is done, even if it's two in the morning. If I've set a goal of catching up the orders, I will stay up, skip meals, neglect to shower until I'm done sewing, packing, writing thank you notes, and each order is ready to be put in the mail. I think that same mentality applies to bigger goals I set for myself. I feel like I'm not allowed to stick my feet in the pool until I've met my monthly sales goals; no margarita until the website is perfect; don't read a magazine until you finish those business books sitting on your desk.

I decided I had to check myself. I deserve this rest. Regardless of how hard I've worked, how many sales I've made, how many weddings I've planned, how long it's been since my last break... I am only human and I am allowed to enjoy the summer. I can stop, and everything will be okay.

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