This week, I had one of those perfect summer evenings that I thought only existed in the fantasy world of Pinterest and Instagram. The ladies of Orange Blossom got together in Christy's backyard for a make-your-own spring roll feast, and games tournament. We laughed so hard we cried during Cards Against Humanity, and screamed with delight as we played cornhole. Maybe it was just the Margarita Sangria I brought, but what a perfectly lovely night it was!

Everyone raved about the sangria, and I tried to play it off like it was actually difficult to make, but it's embarrassingly easy. So simple. Check it out:

Mix the following three ingredients together:
-1 bottle sauvignon blanc
-1 bottle margarita mix (1L)
-1 bottle tequila (750ml)

-Splash of orange juice or sparkling soda
-Sliced lemons, limes, and grapefruit
-Sugar to taste
It's literally that easy. This amount will serve about eight thirsty girls. Enjoy!!

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