Last week I was lucky enough to take a break from the summer grind and head up the coast to my favorite childhood vacation spot. Mendocino is a tiny coastal tourist town. It's so small it's basically village. We used to go up there every summer when my sisters and I were kids. We'd rent a cozy house, walk the headlands, eat fresh raspberry bark from the chocolate shop, and of course, without fail, make the trip to Cap'n Flints in Fort Bragg.

Cap'n Flints is the kind of greasy old joint that has plastic table cloths and serves everything in a red oval basket. I think from the outside, a new comer might think that this is the kind of place that is about to close. But Flints has been around since 1971. And they haven't changed a thing. It's my favorite restaurant in all the world! A nice steamy bowl of chowder, chock full of potatoes and clams with a nice peppery flavor, follow by a basket of prawns'n'chips (hold the chips) from this local haunt, would probably be at the top of my list for last meals.
In honor of Alex's first pilgrimage to Cap'n Flints, I decided to don this picnic blanket wrap dress from GoGo Vintage on Etsy to match the table cloths. This dress was a smash at Glass Beach as well when I was combing the sand of blue glass.
What a welcome relief from the rush of Los Angeles, and my busy lifestyle to just sit and enjoy the ocean, family, and great food for a couple days. It was a nice reminder that everyone deserves a respite every now and again!

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