1. They're prices are much lower than their competitors'. If something is too good to be true, it probably is. If you've found a vendor who is offering an amazing deal, consider why that might be. It's possible that they could be inexperienced, cut corners, or not offer the full amount of services you'd expect. Whenever a client tells me how cheap something is, I start to wonder what is going to go wrong. Professional vendors know what they are worth and they charge accordingly. An inexpensive vendor may be a signal that they aren't quite up to snuff.

2. They have no reviews, or their reviews are old. It's one thing to have bad reviews -- everyone knows to avoid vendors with excessively bad comments -- but it's best to be careful to look at the dates of the reviews left. If you can't find a recent review (within the last year or so), it's best to move on. I would question why that person hasn't been working, or if they have been deleting more recent, non-favorable reviews. If your vendor has no reviews and no online presence, that could be fine, maybe they're just starting out and everyone has to start somewhere! I would just use extreme caution when it comes to booking someone that you know little about.

3. They are not responsive. If you're working with a vendor that is difficult to reach or takes a long time responding to your communications, feel free to cut them loose. Even if it means losing a deposit. If they aren't easy to work with leading up to your event, imagine how hard it could be on the day of. Ditch them and then leave a bad review (winky tongue-out emoji).

4. You get weird vibes. If a vendor is making you uncomfortable for any reason, consider letting them know before you break off your contract with them, but definitely proceed with caution. Wedding vendors should be warm and fuzzy and make you feel like you are their only client. If they are terse with you, and don't offer words of congratulations, seem irritable or unstable, or don't seem to understand the look or feel you're going for, voice your concerns, but don't feel bad if you want to cut and run. You should have that lovely wedding glow during your entire planning process! Don't let a weird vendor bring you down.

5. Another vendor doesn't like them. Wedding industry folk talk to each other all the time and they have other vendors that they love working with and some they'd prefer to avoid. If you're unsure about a certain vendor, reach out and ask one of the vendors you've already booked. As a coordinator, I would much rather a client ask me my opinion of vendors they are about to book and be able to give my input, than show up on the wedding day to a group of difficult people I didn't have a chance to warn my couple about.

Remember, it's your day. Your vendors should be there for you, ready to make your dreams come true. If you're getting an icky feeling, ask yourself why, and if it's worth it to you to hang onto someone who isn't so fun to be around.

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