Do you ever see something and you want it so bad, you're just, like, foaming at the mouth? I spotted this coat at Nordstrom's a couple months back but just couldn't justify buying another piece of outerwear during this hot, dry, California drought. But then it rained last week, and I took it as a sign. Striped coat, come to mama.

I was having one of those super-long sit in from of your computer in leggings all until the last minute kind of work days, when I glanced at the clock and realized I was almost about to be late to meet a friend for drinks. If I didn't know the power of the LBD before, I do now. I didn't even own a black dress before I started working in the wedding industry, but now my closet is at least 30% just that. In my moment of rushed panic, I reached for one of my most favorite work dresses, threw on my beloved new coat, stepped into some heels, and amazingly, I felt hot enough to actually take pictures in my 12-second outfit, despite the fact that I didn't have time for makeup.

Just goes to show, if you reaaaaly want something, it's probably for a good reason, amiright?


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