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Introducing Hey Mavens!

The week after Christmas, I got this crazy idea: I wanted to change the name of my lingerie brand. I damn near drove my entire family crazy trying to brainstorm a new name, secure the proper URLs and social handles, and build a whole new website. It's about six weeks later, and I'm so excited to announce HEY MAVENS! It's everything you know and love about Married&Bright, only amplified.

Hey Mavens is bright, colorful, sparkly, and FUN!

When I first started Married & Bright, my naming strategy was twofold: 1, I had a blog which at the time was called Married & Bright at the time {so named as a pun on our favorite family phrase, Merry & Bright}, and 2, I truly believed I wanted to make bridal lingerie. At the time I started making lingerie, I was working as a wedding planner, and basically my whole life was all about weddings. 

The first modeled photoshoot I ever did with Married & Bright. So vastly different to what Hey Mavens has become, but still relevant for today's bridal customer.

But as time progressed, I started making lingerie that was less and less wedding specific. I was guided by my love for color, fun prints, body positivity, and powerful women. I started feeling less drawn to soft prints, white lace, and feminine styles. But I still felt beholden to my original vision, and bound to create matrimonial lingerie based on the name of my brand.

I remember thinking when I named my shop, "I'll change it as soon as I think of a better name."

I ran my business for over three years before I started feeling like it wasn't a good fit -- but no "better" name came to me. At the end of 2017, I was having a conversation with my friend and her boyfriend, when it finally started to click.

The boyfriend basically conveyed to me that he was wary of buying his girlfriend anything that had the word "married" on it. As an unmarried man, he didn't want any gift to be perceived as a hint. I also began to see how many of my current customers were single women shopping for themselves, and that I might be missing out on connecting with potential new customers who were also put off by the brand name -- thinking "this is for brides and married people. That's not me."

A shot from the 2017 Married & Bright bridal collection taken by Sparrow and Gold Photography, and a short from the 2017 Married & Bright holiday collection taken by As You Are Boudoir. You can see where the brand was starting to diverge.

So that was it. I made my decision. I needed to rebrand. But there was part of me -- a big part -- that wasn't ready to say goodbye to Married & Bright. A huge portion of that unwillingness to let go was my astonishment at the fact that I had been able to land and hold on to marriedandbright.com and the corresponding social handles. Plus, it wasn't like the name was altogether fighting against me. I had a successful business, and I didn't want to break what was actually working.

I figured the best way forward was to split my business into two parts: Married & Bright would continue on as a strictly bridal line, and Hey Mavens would embrace more deeply my quirky design sense and colorful aesthetic that I has been leaning towards, but feeling to shy to leap into full force.

Photo by Laura Quintero Photography from the most recent Hey Mavens collection: Palm Springs. 

I'm so excited to be able to focus my messaging on both of the brands. Hey Mavens won't feel watered down to appeal of elegant and classic brides, and Married & Bright won't feel like some part time wife. Being able to speak directly to my customer in separate categories aligns me for greater success and helps my customers find exactly what they're looking for.


How Bow Dah?

Last weekend, Alex and I escaped the freezing Nashville temps to enjoy couple days with family in the Florida sun. When packing, I opted for solid color, light, breezy pieces and threw a handful of these skinny scarves into my bag to add some interest to my basic outfits.

I have been obsessed with these scarves since Daisy Faye Designs released them because they really are so versatile, and easy to style. I have worn them around my neck countless times -- you can see the proof here, here, and all over my instagram.

For this outfit, I was going for a bow theme to match the sleeve detail, and the leather of my shoes, so I simply knotted the scarf into a bow and bobby pinned it into my hair. I think it's super adorable!

Dress: Free People
Shoes: Kate Spade
Sunglasses: Kate Spade
Bralette: Married & Bright


Resolution Update: January

As you know, I set some goals at the beginning of this year. I thought I'd update weekly on how that's going, to keep myself accountable. As expected, January was off to a rough start. But not to worry, because...

I barely even made it to barre class, though I went once. The last time I went to barre has to be August or September. I'm definitely not in the best shape of my life -- and I certainly wasn't then.  In the summer and early fall, my body was going through a lot of ups and downs, which just made getting out of bed, much less going to the gym so impossible. I decided to table rigorous exercise for a while. But now, I'm back at it! It's really frustrating to feel like mentally you're ready to work out, but your body doesn't want to. I literally feel like my fat is getting in the way! I can't really do a crunch because my belly stops me about half way up, and anything that I do lying on my side feels horrible because my love handles are so wobbly. I also ended up going to a yoga class which was really challenging, but fun. Inner Light Yoga was a whole new kind of yoga I'd never experienced before and I definitely wanna go back.
Resolution: Go to barre 2x a week. January: 1/8

I've gotten sick of my same three go-to recipes of chicken parm, fettuccine alfredo, and rice pilaf from a box. So, this year, I've set the intention of cooking at least one new recipe a week. After my brother-in-law prepared this delicious main course on New Years Eve -- and my husband actually liked it! -- I knew I wanted to add this yummy recipe to my arsenal. Skirt steak and chimichurri is a simple week night meal that is SUPER fast to throw together, in fact, I made it for some friends out of what was sitting in my fridge and pantry when I decided to invite them over for dinner on a whim. I got on a steak kick this month and tried several different ways to prepare it. Besides cooking it in a pan like I usually do, I tried a cast-iron skillet, a grill pan, a grill attachment for my stove, and reverse searing it by baking it in the oven and then frying it quickly in a pan. I learned my favorite way to prepare a steak is by marinating it overnight in a mix of olive oil, soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, freshly chopped shallot and garlic, and a sprig of rosemary, then reverse searing it, and finishing it with a garlic mushroom cream sauce. I'll post the recipe if anyone is interested.
Resolution: Try one new recipe a week. January: 4/4 

Book group was back in full swing this month, which helped me get closer to my goal this year. We read Little Fires Everywhere, which I started without even knowing what I was about, so even though I went in blind, I really enjoyed it. Though we haven't had a chance to discuss it yet, I'm looking forward to exploring what everyone else thought about the themes of motherhood and what it means to be a parent. I also finished (for the second time) The Royal We. This book is straight up chick lit, but it's SUCH a guilty pleasure. It's so enjoyable, and especially now that we have another Windsor engagement, it's fun to read and imagine Meagan and Harry. I started My Brilliant Friend, which was gifted to me in October. I haven't gotten very far, so I won't count this towards my goal for the month, but I'm doing better on this resolution that I thought I would. I have to admit, I'm not an avid reader, but I'm trying to be.
Resolution: Read three books each month. January: 1.75/3

I also want to add a new resolution since January was a free trial month and all. I want to go on another spending freeze. I did it in 2013, and for six months in 2016, and I think it's time. My closet is bursting, my house is well decorated, a have enough fabric to get us through the zombie apocolypse if lingerie was the way to save ourselves... So it's time to put the credit cards away.
New Resolution: Stop spending. As with my last spending freezes, things like food, bills, mortgage, dog stuff, expendables (like makeup, toiletries, etc) don't count. The idea is to live with what I have and enjoy it!

Shut the Front Door!

We've lived in our home for about 10 months {and still haven't shared photos of our renovation -- sorry!}, and it's come time to tackle another project: the front door.

Ever since we've moved in, we've both kind of hated the double doors. The panels, layers of peeling paint, nail holes, the way they close but only barely, the way they very nearly scrape the brand new floors we've put in, the sticky handle and wobbly lock, the hardware... just everything is terrible. While the doors are technically functioning, they just are not great. So, we decided to just replace the whole dang thing.

Here's what we're thinking.

My favorite door color for our house is yellow with a close second of pink, but I don't think that Alex would go for it. Which do you like best? I think as far as design, we are going to go with a flush, flat, windowless door, with either brass or black hardware. We had considered ordering doors with small, rectangular windows, but since the doors are already flanked by windows, and the front of the house is already kind of busy, we don't water to overload the facade.

What do you think? I'd love to hear your input and help us decide!


Snow Daze

Last week, the snow came! I have been waiting all winter for a little dusting. This California girl is absolutely delighted by weather. I had been hoping to see some snow before the new year because we had some fun, adorable, pretty snow in mid-December last winter.

December 2016. You can see Bucket's first attempt and snow, and where he decided it wasn't for him.

Let's just say the snow was not worth the wait. Here's what's different this year: we own a house. And that house is on top of a hill. A hill that does not get salted or plowed. A hill we could not go up or down in either of our cars. And a hill that the mailman, the trash collector, and pretty much everyone except for our friends Emily and Caleb, could and would not come up.

Clearly, someone was driving on this hill. It just wasn't us.
So basically, it snowed on Friday, and our entire lives stopped for a week. At first, I was so excited to be in our little winter wonderland fishbowl. I went out and picked up some extra groceries, freshened up my favorite pajamas, lit some extra candles, and made the biggest batch of chocolate chip cookies. But as we moved through the weekend, the honeymoon faded. 

What started out as a three inch dusting, literally trapped us. I can't even believe such a meager amount of snow confined us to the cul-de-sac we live on, but without four wheel drive cars, the black ice and thick snowbanks made it feel just unsafe enough for us to try twice, and bail, twice.

Bless Emily and Caleb for shuttling Alex to work on Tuesday night, and taking us out to the movies on Thursday night. Without even the mail arriving, these two people literally saved me from insanity. I think they call that cabin fever. And yeah, six days into living in these four walls really did it to me.

I've never really had a snow day -- or week -- before, so when the weird depression/loneliness/isolation started to set in, I wasn't really sure how to handle it. Here's a quick list of some things that cheered me {so I don't feel to guilty about this whiney post!}:

  • Making cozy, yummy food. Since I wasn't in a rush to go anywhere, I indulged in some longer-to-complete meals like a garlic crusted roast, coffee and tea lattes made with my new milk frother, tons of cookies, and marinated chicken.
  • Working on some home projects. I've been meaning to purge, clean, and organize the bathroom drawers, linen and master closets, and junk drawers. Finishing those small projects gave me a sense of accomplishment.
  • Putting a dent in work. Since I work from home, I was able to hunker down with my computer and dig deep on a task that I know will take a long time to complete. It was too cold in the basement studio, so I would cuddle up in bed with Bucket, and tippy type away for hours at a time -- something I probably wouldn't have made time for when I felt like I should have been sewing.
  • Reading. I don't often set aside time to read, but since I'm trying to read/listen to three books a month, I was happy to complete my first book of the year during this quiet time.
  • Online shopping. Ha! It's true. Even though the mail wasn't coming, ordering a new slogan tee and some fabrics I've been meaning to purchase gave me a reason to look forward to the next 3-5 business days.

When the snow finally melted the next Friday, I treated myself with a trip to UPS, the post office, the grocery store, starbucks, and Taaaaaaarget! Yes!

Note to self: buy a car with four wheel drive. But that's a whole different post.


Juvenile Style

Here's a couple photos I made Alex take of me on our porch last fall. This has got to be the week after my birthday, because look how proud I am of this cute bunny bag he got me for turning 29. I mean, what does an adult nearly 30-year-old grown up woman want for her birthday? A bunny bag.

Here's the thing about me -- I like to think of myself as mature. I have a mortgage. I've been married for four years. I'm a business owner. I think grocery shopping makes for a wild Friday night. But, I have the most juvenile taste ever.

Pink has never not been my favorite color. I regularly shop in the children's section at Target -- hello, XL leggings! And I luuuuurve cute animal inspired design. So, that's why I clearly based this whole outfit around this rabbit bag.

Blush and grey tones match the purse in varying textures, which makes this statement bag blend a bit and elevates the outfit past being gimmicky. But these poof earrings take it right back down. I mean, if it not a little off center, it's not really my style.

Purse: Kate Spade
Coat: Old | Similar | Similar | Similar
Sweater: Express
Jeans: Old Navy
Boots: ASOS (only $30!)
Earrings: Marley and Alfie


Change Your Stripes

Is it just me, or does a new year really light a fire under your ass? I am totally susceptible to the whole new year, new me vibe that is going on right now. As much as I have wanted to turn over a new leaf this year {maybe I'll scrub the stove more than once a quarter, or stop impulse buying candles every time they go on sale}, I also know that I am who I am, and it's pretty unlikely that I'll change over night just because the calendar flipped over.

{Side note: the other night insomnia hit real hard and I got sucked into a wikipedia black hole when I started reading about calendars... like how we structure time. The year 45 BCE had like, 445 days in it because good old Julius Caesar was trying to align the calendar with the solar equinox. And he added a leap day every four years which meant that February 23rd was 48 hours long and the dates were marked as Feb 23, part one, and Feb 23, part two. But then these dumb monks fucked it up by putting the leap day every three years, rather than every four, by placing the leap day on the last day of each 3rd year, not during the 4th year before the beginning of the 5th. OMG FASCINATING.}

I do really like the idea of resolutions, despite pretty much knowing I'm going to blow them all before the end of the month. I wrote a bit more about that here. Better than a resolution, is a word of the year. I like picking a sort of "theme" for the next twelve months. I think it helps me remember what's important. And if something doesn't align with the word, then it's gotta go!

In 2016, my word of the year was purpose. I don't think I had a word of the year in 2017. But for 2018, my word is


When I started brainstorming words for 2018, one word that kept coming to mind was expand. I wanted to expand my business into new areas, expand my income, expand my family, expand my waistline with a pregnancy... but the more I ruminated on it, the less it felt like the right fit. For one, I didn't want to start off my year with a goal of taking up more room, being more selfish, using up more resources, and secondly, it seemed like too much pressure to put on myself. I just didn't want to have to worry about fulfilling my word of the year with elements that were ultimately out of my control.

What did feel right was refine. Rather than going bigger, get smaller. Focus on being the best I can be. Having a more streamlined business. Work on my fitness. Be more conscious of what I put in my body. Focus on the good stuff. 

I have so many big plans for 2018, but that doesn't mean they have to explode off the page. But honing, honing, honing my skills, myself, my work, my routine, my health, I hope that by the end of the year, I'll feel a bit lighter, and more like... me.

After all, when critics asked Michaelanglo how in the world he created the David, he replied, "it's easy. Just chip away anything that doesn't look like David." I'm going to chip away the parts that aren't Annika.

Coat:  Halogen | Similar Here
Jeans: Target
Boots: Calvin Klein {half off right now!}
Bag: Kate Spade | Similar Here
Wall: The Dog Spot

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