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Hey Mavens! Studio Reveal

I'm excited to take you inside my studio today! When we bought our home, I put in the offer (and it was accepted!) while Alex was out of town. I had always envisioned that this space would be Alex's office/recording studio space. But when he saw the home for the first time -- yes, after we had already bought it! -- he decided he'd like an upstairs workspace off our kitchen, and that this basement build-out off our garage would be perfect for me. I didn't fight him on it.

This space is an obvious after-thought to the overall design of the home. My guess is that it was built out of a raw space in the '00s. It had laminate floors, a drop ceiling, a boring blue shade, lots of weird bump-outs, and a door that lead to a "kill room" of epic creepy proportions. I'm grateful for the addition of a powder room, floor-to-ceiling windows, and plenty of outlets. All this space really needed was a dose of my personality and that's exactly what I did!

When I set out to makeover this space, I knew the first thing that had to go was the drop ceiling. I think it's heinous, and I'd rather look at pretty much anything else than this office-cubicle evoking material. When Alex was away on one of his business trips, I took it upon myself to pull it down. I didn't get very far before I exhausted myself, and spotting a scary looking live wire. Alex wasn't too pleased when he saw this scene, but he did help me finish pulling down the mess, and by installing a sputnik inspired light fixture as a way of capping off the exposed wire. I actually love this raw ceiling! I think it looks very anthropologie and industrial chic. It also gained me about eighteen extra inches of headroom, and makes the space feel so much lighter!

I also knew I wanted a fun paint job to go with the banana bathroom, which I had already updated. I had contemplated painting boobs on the walls, but ended up option for fried eggs, which, incidentally, is what my mom always called boobs when we were growing up. My thinking behind this was that there would be less of a chance of me having to paint over eggs when trying to resell the house. Probably will have to paint them over anyway, but they make me feel so happy!

Another favorite feature of this studio makeover was the addition of the counter-height desk along the back wall. This room had odd block-like bump-outs that served no purpose and looked super weird. Alex used them as the basis for the desk he built in for me. I use half of it as an office desk for my computer, label printer, and notebooks, and the other end stores my elastics and creates a perfect elastic-cutting station.

A comfortable couch for Bucket, a row of sewing machines, and a healthy sized cutting table crated from two saw horses and a large piece of laminated MDF, round out this creative space. It's not perfect, but it's perfect for me!! 

Let me know what you think! Would you ever paint bananas or eggs on your walls? Do you havbe a dedicated creative space in your home? I'd love to hear about it. Thanks for reading.

Alllllll the links:

Singer Sewing Machine -- total workhorse and super fast!
Brother Serger -- great price for a serger, works like a charm!
Sewing Machine Tables -- the drawers are great for storing notions
Saw Horses -- use for legs of the cutting table
Gold Towel Bar -- used to hang patterns from


Living for Leopard

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on or purchase something from the links below, I may receive a small commission -- but seriously, it's like 5 cents.

If you had told me a year ago that leopard would be the biggest trend to come out of 2019 and lead us into a new decade, I would have politely told you, no thank you. What can I say? This print got to me? I am now able to dress head-to-toe in this beautiful, fun neutral. And believe me, I might. Here are some pulls from my very own personal wardrobe that I can totally vouch for.

1. This leopard Sophie sweater blazer from j crew is about to go into heavy rotation. I own about five or six Sophies in different colors, and this one is by far my favorite.

2. I loved this leopard tee shirt from Amazon so much, I got one for every woman in my family.

3. I can't say enough good things about these ultra soft and comfy leopard leggings, also from amazon. They don't roll. They are perfect for workouts, but I also wear them with ankle boots in real life. There's like a million pockets on them. They're so perfect, I also got them in the grey-black colorway.

4. This list could be complete without some leopard lingerie from my own brand, Hey Mavens! When I found this perfect leopard print fabric in this dreamy stretch cotton, I knew it was bound to be stitched up into a wrap bralette and high rise undie... but they're also available in a triangle bra and matching thong.

5. This leopard fold over clutch from Daisy Faye Designs is a date night must! This particular print is both modern and classic, and this clutch is a major catch all for everything you need for going out, and also slips nicely into a tote for easy purse-to-purse transfer.

6. Life just wouldn't be complete with out these Leopard Regan Boots from Madewell. With enough of a heel to be substantial, but still low enough to be comfortable, these boots are a stunning addition to any outfit -- skirt or pants!

If you love leopard as much as I do, then you'll go crazy for these items, I promise. 


A Rainbow in the Making

In October of 2019, in honor of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, I released a rainbow collection for my brand, Hey Mavens! I have been openly sharing about my story of loss, and infertility, and through that openness, I've connected with so many beautiful women from across the country who have their own stories to tell.

--- content warning: the following post contains content about pregnancy, loss, and infertility ---

Fall in Flannel

Fall is my favorite season, and in fall, flannel is a must! I designed this fall flannel cape vest to be swingy and playful -- check out how I styled last years' flannel cape vest -- but I'm kind of digging wearing it belted!! Adding a thin leather belt around this full, cozy, lush flannel gives it a custom, fashion-y vibe.

I went with an all black blank canvas for the rest of my outfit, with a pop of these over-the-knee burgundy boots so I could let the plaid in this look shine. High rise black jeans and a comfy bodysuit made the perfect backdrop for this fall outfit.



Favorite Fall Tees

Rose Chai Latte

My friend Kimber lives in New Jersey, and goes to this awesome-looking place called Hidden Grounds, which serves this delicious-looking Rose Chai Latte. I've never tasted it, but it looked so mouth-watering, I set out to recreate it at home. I have no idea if what I've created even comes close to what the original is, but I can't stop drinking it, so I thought I'd share.

1 cup Rose Petals (these ones from amazon work great!)
1 gallon water
Chai concentrate (I use the bottled kind from Trader Joe's)
Coconut creamer -- or whatever kind of milk/nut-milk you like!

1. Steep the rose petals in cold water in the fridge over night, or for at least three hours. (You could use a cheesecloth or nutbag to soak them, but I have this cold brew maker that works awesome for making everything from cold brewed coffee, sun tea, thai iced tea, and floral infusions!) When the water has become infused with the rose petals, discard the flowers and retain the water.

2. Fill a tall glass halfway with crushed ice. Add 1/2 cup rose water, and 1/4 cup chai concentrate and dilute with water to taste (I like my chai spicy, so I hardly dilute the concentrate at all.)

3. Top off with a splash of creamer, and some dried rose petals if you're fancy.

Enjoy!! I'm going to try to make a hot version of this drink in the winter months, so stay tuned for that. Let me know if you make it!!

Ireland Overview

If you're interested in the fashion, food, and fine details of our April trip to Ireland, check out the individual posts of Day OneDay TwoDay ThreeDay Four, and Day Five. This post will go over the broad strokes of our trip and outline the route, stops, and must-sees that we loved the most.

Nashville --> Boston --> Dublin

Because Alex travels so much, we are lucky to have lots of points with with to book our flights. We flew to Boston from Nashville using the Southwest Companion Pass -- we paid for Alex's flight and mine was free. We had a bit of a layover before our red-eye into Dublin, so we left the airport and hung around Boston for a few hours.

Our flight to Dublin was with Delta. We booked with points so the trip was freeeeeee! If you have the opportunity to use points, check in on your airline's website for special deals and offers; we found a trip to Ireland three weeks out from our travel date for almost the exact amount of points we had to spend.

Dublin --> Killkenny

When we arrived in Dublin, we passed quickly through customs and immigration, grabbed our bags (we packed light and basically just carried on because we knew we'd be in and out of the car constantly, and I also have a healthy fear of my luggage getting lost). We decided not to spend our first night in Dublin, and instead rented a car and high-tailed it to Killkenny.

It was about an hour and a half drive, and on little-to-no sleep, and driving on the other side of the road, it was pretty scary! I'd still do it this way, but I'd stop for more coffee and snacks to keep us going.

On our way to Killkenny, we stopped in Wicklow, which was definitely worth both the stop, and the drive into the mountains to get there. We saw goats crossing the road!! We had lunch at Wicklow Heather Restaurant, which was so cozy and cute. We stopped briefly to take in the views at Sally Gap, and if we had had more time, I would have loved to tour Glendalough.

Once we checked in to the Killkenny Inn, we took an hour long nap before dinner. This hotel was adequate -- it was close to town, affordable, and comfortable -- but it lacked charm. It's definitely the "worst" hotel we stayed in during our travels. Still, it worked for what we needed it for: a crashpad.

We had dinner at Marble City, but I would have also loved to have eaten at Petronella on the Butter Slip. After dinner, we had a few pints on the live music patio at Kytellers Inn. This place is kind of touristy, but Alex said the musicians were good, and it was pretty fun to see the amount of Hen Parties that came through. Felt a lot like Nashville on a Friday night!

Killkenny --> Killarney 

I keep getting these two places confused, so hopefully this helps clear it up for both me and you.

When we woke up in Killkenny, I was really craving a sweet treat so we walked over the CakeFace. I can't recommend this cute tea shop enough! It's totally instagram-worthy from an aesthetic standpoint, but the pastries were delicious, too. Wish I had taken more of them for "take-away."

From there, we loaded up to Rock of Cashel. This is my far the most touristy spot we visited, but was definitely worth the trip. We got a bit confused about parking and getting to the location, but we ended up parking in the town and then walked about five minutes up to the site. I think we only spent about 45 minutes there, and that was plenty of time to take in the sights, evesdrop on a tour group, and snap all the photos I wanted. This magical place felt like stepping back into history and being on a movie set all at the same time.

It was also in the city of Moor that we paid our first toll. If you pass through the automatic toll booths in Ireland and you don't have a pass, you have until 8pm the following day to pay the toll. You can do so in almost any gas station by giving the attendant your license plate number, and paying with cash or charge.

From Rock of Cashel, we road tripped on to Killarney. We passed through the town of Kinsale for lunch at Dino's. I'd highly recommend it for the view and the fish chowder. We also grabbed a tea at Poet's Corner before we drove off to Kenmare. This colorful town is the mouth to Ring of Kerry, and we got another cup of tea at a little ice cream shop before venturing on. My favorite spots along the Ring of Kerry were Ladies View, and Torc Waterfall. If you're driving the Ring of Kerry, you have no excuse but to stop while passing through.

The Ring of Kerry spat us out in Killarney, but we didn't spend much time in the town. We stayed that night at The Europe Hotel and Resort. This place was far and away the nicest hotel I could ever even hope to stay in. Overlooking Lough Leane, this high-end hotel features luxurious guest rooms, and unbelievably relaxing pool, and a restaurant with views of the lake and quite possibly the most increidble meal of my life. I had the mixed seafood plate, and no joke, I almost blacked out because it was that delicious.

Hotel Europe also offers complimentary horseback rides when the weather is permitting. It wasn't on the morning of our departure, but we did get to stop by the stables so I could meet the equine friends living there before we set off for Doolin.

Killarney --> Doolin

This day was quite possibly my favorite because it was a full day of... ANIMALS!! From Killarney, we set out along the Wild Atlantic Way to Dingle. If you do nothing else in Ireland, go to Dingle! The drive along the coast was stunning, and seeing cute goats, fairy forts, baby lambs, and ancient beehive huts was the highlight of my trip. Since we were visiting in May, Skellig Michael wasn't open for tourists, but we could barely peep it from the cliffs, and I would have loved to visit if we had been there in the summer months.

After exploring the coast, we went into the town of Dingle, which was cute, and colorful. We stopped to buy a print Dingle Art Works, and had lunch at Pantri and stopped for a pint at Dick Macks Pub, before loading back in the car, and driving our way along the Conor Pass. 

We set our GPS to take us from Dingle to Adare, just so we could take in the unparalleled views of the Conor Pass. I hope I never forget that drive! In Adare, we stopped for a cuppa at The Good Room, and wandered through the parks and churchyards in the center of town. It was idyllic! Then back on the road to Doolin.

When we arrived in Doolin, we checked into the Hotel Doolin, and instantly headed to Fitzpatrick's Bar to get a good seat for live music, and drink the free beers the hotel provides. We stayed there until closing, singing along with the locals.

Doolin --> Rosleague

Doolin's proximity to the Cliffs of Moher, was what initially drew us to the locale, but I honestly enjoyed the village there so much, too. The Sweater Shop is famously pink and worth stopping by just for the photo op, but stay for tea and cake at the Ivy Cottage next door.

While the Cliffs of Moher were among the more touristy things we did, it was definitely worth it. If we had had more time, I would have loved to schedule a boat tour out of Doolin to see the cliffs from the sea. I've heard other tourists have approached the Cliffs from another angle, for free, and away from the throngs of visitors, but for the amount of time we had, going the conventional route was just fine. I don't really think you can travel to Ireland's west coast and not see the Cliffs!

One of the stops I had been looking forward to most was visiting Moran's on the Weir -- it's a Oyster Cottage! The twee little stop off the beaten path just before arriving in Galway, is adorable, friendly, and the food was great. This was Alex's favorite meal, and he doesn't even eat seafood!

After lunch, we stopped in Galway for a walkabout. We walked down Shop Street which was bustling, and then cut up Buttermilk Walk to Hazel Mountain Chocolate, and Charlie Byrne's Bookshop. Our favorite little shop we found was called Coffeewerk + Press. Alex got a tea for takeaway while I coveted every single item in their Scandinavian-level minimalist shop.

Rosleague was where we stayed that night. Just outside Connemara National ParkRosleague Manor is the CUTEST bed and breakfast style accommodations. I wanted to stay there just because it was pink, but the friendly dog, Tyson, delicious dinner, and gorgeous views really were the cherry on top!

Our hike in the park at sunset was stunningly gorgeous and ended with us seeing wild baby goats in the parking lot. My fantasy come true.

Rosleague --> Finn Lough

Our last major drive of the tour took us into Northern Ireland for the first time. But not before stopping in Westport for tea at This Must Be The Place, and Strandhill for lunch at Shell's. If we hadn't been in such a hurry to get to our hotel and spa for the evening, I would have liked to spend a couple houring chilling in the seaside surf town.

If you ever have the chance to stay in the bubble domes at the Finn Lough Resort, do it. This place was the highlight of our trip. Seeing the Big Dipper while laying in bed in our private geodome was... emotional to say the least. What was even more incredible was the walking spa treatment experience. We spend two hours enjoying 20-to-30 minute rests in saunas, salt baths, hot tubs, the icy lake, tea rooms, and more. I left that experience feeling like a new woman. At the end of a long and exciting trip around the country, it was the ideal way to relax and take in the whole tour. 

Dinner at the resort was also unparalleled. Fancy drinks at the bar and cinema room before hand definitely got us in the spirit of the place. One night at Finn Lough was definitely not enough and I look forward to returning there very soon.

Finn Lough --> Dublin

The morning of our last full day in Ireland, we hauled ass clear across the country in order to get some Dublin time in. Admittedly, Dublin wasn't have the height of my must-see list, but a few notable spots were: St Michel's Church (they didn't have the mummies on display due to recent vandalism, but the crypts were cool AF), Stephen Green ParkThe National Museum of Ireland (got to see some bog bodies there!!), Krust BakeryP. Macs Bar (super cool vibe with drippy red candles and dark little nooks), and Carousel for cute little Irish-designed dresses -- in fact, all the shops in that neighborhood were great! Our stay at the Grafton Guest House put us right in the thick of the action, but the rooms were cute, comfortable, and quiet enough to get a good night's rest before our flight home in the morning!

Phew!! I hope that was helpful! Enjoy your trip to Ireland and tell me all about it when you're back!!

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